Behind The Books

Behind the Books with Biographer Karen Abbott

Karen Abbott, author of Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, tells us about her respect (and fear) of deadlines, the paralyzing prospects of switching genres, and the one frustrating thing about history: "Dead people don’t always say or do what you want them to."(READ MORE)

Behind the Books with Sigrid Nunez, Author of Sempre Susan

Sigrid Nunez, author of Sempre Susan, tells us about her habit of reading poetry before she writes, overrated classics, the synesthesia of the writing process, and the advice to "Read as much as possible, especially the work of writers who most deeply affect you. Make those writers your family."(READ MORE)

Behind the Books with Edward Larson

Joining us for another installment of Behind the Books, Edward Larson talks about his writing routine, the influence of nature writers on his own work, the active imagination of history writing, and the all-important counsel for aspiring writers: "Write every day."(READ MORE)

Behind the Books with Marlon James

Marlon James, author of A Brief History of Seven Killings, joins Behind the Books to talk about his influences, his writing routine, the importance of empathy over experience, and three valuable writing tips.(READ MORE)

Behind the Books with George Morgan, Author of Rocket Girl

George Morgan is the author of Rocket Girl, a story of his mother who happened to be America's first female rocket scientist. In this Behind the Books, George discusses the difficulty of objectively distancing oneself from a subject so close, his childhood love of science fiction and Broadway plays, and...(READ MORE)

Behind the Books with Rebecca Solnit, Author of The Faraway Nearby

Rebecca Solnit's The Faraway Nearby examines her mother's battle with Alzheimer's while journeying through memories of her own life journey, teaching readers the myriad ways in which a story can be told. In this Behind the Books, Rebecca tells us about her habits and interests, like the morning slide...(READ MORE)

Behind the Books with David Margolick, Author of Dreadful

In this installment of Behind the Books we've asked David Margolick -- author of Dreadful -- about his life as a writer and reader: the musicality of Thomas Wolfe, how tenacious research is the unspoken asset of a great biographer, and the raw reality for aspiring writers: "If you want to be a writer,...(READ MORE)