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Lily Koppel on the Apollo 11 Summer of 1969

Lily Koppel, author of The Astronaut Wives Club, writes about the wives of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969, avoiding the spotlight, living in fear, and desperately wishing for their husbands' safe return home. (READ MORE)

Philippe Petit Picks the Lock to the Creative Brain

Philippe Petit, the famed 1974 Twin Towers tightrope walker, has written an ode to his influences: Creativity: The Perfect Crime. In it, he revisits the death-defying act that put him on the world stage and examines the role creativity plays in his career.(READ MORE)

A Call Center, a Camper, and One Vampire Wedding

For Biographile's That Summer series, in which authors share personal stories on the summers that shaped them, Nutting recalls the agony of a call center job out of college, and how an Airstream camper, a boy named Shawn and a vampire wedding made it all worth while.(READ MORE)